An old gate stands

With no fence attached

As if it could fool anyone

Ah, but how many times

Have I been fooled

Thinking there was a fence

Where there was none

All the fences in my mind

Keep me from knowing who I am

Let me be a flowing field

Open to all possibilities

Wild flowers, weeds

The wolf and the wild deer

Let the gate to my heart

Be everywhere

Excerpted from,” Re- Entering the Womb of the Goddess”

A book of poems and paintings

Available at Amazon.com

The Sun is Inside Me

The sun is inside me

Though I’ve built a wall around it

Each brick of cold, condensed fear

Prevents the warmth from reaching my awareness

As I search outward for something lost

Denying the wall is there

I snatch what warmth I can from strangers

Share their fire for a while

Believing I have none

The fires of strangers flame and die

Flame and die

I wander from one to the other

Gradually losing hope that what I seek

Will ever be found or defined by another

The only path left is on the inside

There is work to do

Remove the wall brick by brick

Tear by tear

And have faith

That the sun is inside me

(from the poetry book:Re-entering the Womb the Goddess by Kamala Moore)


–She Began




She began to wear the colours of the sea;

aquamarine, emerald, and turquoise.

She began to dream about the sea and its creatures.

In one she saw a huge white shape in the shallows.

A benign presence she thought,

possibly a Beluga.

She felt drawn to place her hand on its immense back;

to trust it to lead her.

She was tired of leading herself.

In that moment, the sea opened like gigantic flower;

its throat , the curl of a wave, a living tunnel of light.

The vortex pulled her spirit toward it;

her body trembled.

Should she trust the creature to guide her;

or should she build a raft of words as she had many times before;

to keep from being impelled through

the aquamarine, emerald and turquoise,

into the indigo.


(published in ,”Island Writer Magazine” December, 2010)

copyright by Kamala Moore 2010

– Beautiful Loon

Beautiful loon on the moss green lake;

your call is the voice of my solitude,

bringing me back to myself.

My mind says the earth is in danger;

but in this moment, my heart knows

everything is perfect as the spiral

a jumping fish leaves behind.

(From the book, “Re-entering the Womb of the Goddess,”

copyright 2007 by Kamala Moore)

-In the middle of a field….

In the middle of a field

a Monarch butterfly sits on a clover

opening and closing its wings,

swaying the clover which hits the next one,

which hits the next one,

and so on and so on ,

till the whole field is in motion.

The center is everywhere,

they say.

Life pulses out from that.

I lift my finger and displace the air.

Are the ripples felt throughout the universe?

One verse

and if I change a syllable

the whole poem changes.

(excerpted from, Re-entering the Womb of the Goddess, by Kamala Moore )

copyright by Kamala Moore 2007


— When We Finally Know




When we finally know we’re enough,

when we have enough, do enough, are enough,

when our being is enough,

when what we want most is found in the stillness,

the wholeness inside;


Then what we need will come to us

without effort or struggle,

without violence, without grasping,

gently as the rain falls from the sky,

as easily as breathing,

giving and receiving

in the natural cycle of living things.

We need not fear.

What is empty will be filled.

And what is full will be emptied

only to be filled again.


On that day the earth

will begin to green again

And the whales will sleep peacefully

in the deep.



Then the  children will dream of tomorrow;

When we finally know we’re enough.



When we finally come to know our own being,

and cease to grasp for things to make us whole,

Then our beauty will be reflected in the waters,

the air will sparkle with health giving energy,

and the herons will return to the marshes

when we finally know we’re enough.




(copyright 2010 Kamala Moore)




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