Blown in the Wind


My poems may never be

 Pages in a book

 They collect in piles like autumn leaves

Waiting for a look

Who knows what breeze may carry them

 Who knows to who and where

They’re travelling through cyberspace

As if they were in air


They’re following their destiny

Who knows where they’ll turn up

Unlike autumn leaves which fall from trees

They fly but still stay stuck


Is that not a miracle

Is that not some  fun

Though  to me they bring no fame

I am content to be no one

If once in a while they make someone smile

And some are read again


To me that makes it all worthwhile

That words of mine make someone smile

Or think about our lot

That poems of mine could lift a mood

 Spark an dream or  share a thought.


I think of all our thoughts out there

It’s one mind, I believe

 Flying like leaves through cyberspace

Waiting to be retrieved







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