Evolution of a Painter (for my sister, Donna)

Donna Moores


She wanted so much to see what others saw

A toddler in her grandmothers arms

But the things she knew the names of were so few

So frog is what she heard and felt her failure to perceive

Through the fog what she thought was waiting to be seen there


At a December birthday long ago

Her Dad drew the icing face of Santa on her cake

She so keenly felt the disappointment of the family

When she could not see the face they saw

She could not please

For where were the reindeer and the sleigh

The most important parts, inseparable from Santa Claus


A little older now she’d learned the names of many things

And what delight to say

Pig, dog or horse and have her father

Draw them just for her

What magic to hold a thought within the mind

Then watch it appear in form and line

Upon the paper


A big girl now, she was given to amuse

A paint by numbers set, brand new

Another way to see close up

Broken down to  shapes and many colours

Though not making any sense by themselves

Faithfull following  would make a painting

She learned to concentrate and be exact

And how to copy pictures from a book

Horses were her favorite


 Through the years she taught herself to see

The details that most others never saw

The vein on a leaf, or a shadow on a tree

Forest scenes were ones that she loved best

With paths that ended in the light

She taught herself to see them  clear and true

These were the paths , she knew would guide her through

She even learned to see the airy spaces in between

The denser forms of what she knew


Now that she had mastered seeing what appeared to be

She relaxed as if at long journeys  end

Then came the deeper mystery

The edges softened

And the details too

As  she began to see the light within

Overflow the form

And sourcing from with the place where light is one

She saw  and painted from

The inner core reality

(See more of Donna’s beautiful paintings at:http/www.donnamoores.ca)






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