The Stranger


A stranger has come to stay
At first we thought she was a ghost
All l dressed in black with hood and cloak
Lurking in the corners
Jumping out when least expected
We’ve never seen her face

She watches all we do
An ever present conscience
Reminding us we do not know
And half of life is mystery
She is one of the family
The blackest sheep
Who stands outside the circle of the everyday
A guide to the darkness and the galaxy

Becoming more familiar
She travels where we go
A constant presence
But changing clothes
No longer black, but blue
Her face we know

For who can see the sun without the shade
Or appreciate the Spring without the Winter
So we will make a place for this mystery guest
At our table, in our house
And make her friend
And look her in the eye
And she will guide us to the mystery from whence we came
She will lead us to that longed for home again.