Leaving Fear Behind


Leaving fear behind

And the hope that you will find

Anything out there

To fill the hole inside

Not fame, nor fortune, nor pride

Will ease the inner pain

That separates you from creation

Only letting go will heal

Everything must be revealed

Beliefs, thoughts feelings

Let them flow

Acknowledge them and let them go

They only hide the truth

You really are

A being radiant as a star

Throw off the heavy cloak

Of culture, creed and race

It is not there

You will find your place

All you’ve learned you must erase

To uncover that expansive place

That fills the heart and soul with grace

Grace that cannot co-exist

With fearful thoughts and avarice

The choice is yours

For you are free

Not the victim of “reality”

You create your life

As you would have is be

So take responsibility for what you see

You see what you believe you know

Take your beliefs and let them go

The truth will be experienced

Though not in words or concepts lent

Just understood and felt as love

Unconditional as it is above.

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