Colours of the Sea


She began to wear the colours of the sea;

aquamarine, emerald, and turquoise.

 She began to dream about the sea and its creatures.

 In one she saw a huge white shape in the shallows.

 A benign presence she thought,

possibly a Beluga.

 She felt drawn to place her hand on its immense back;

 to trust it to lead her.

 She was tired of leading herself.

In that moment, the sea opened like gigantic flower;

 its throat , the curl of a wave, a living tunnel of light.

 The vortex pulled her spirit toward it;

 her body trembled.

 Should she trust the creature to guide her;

 or should she build a raft of words as she had many times before;

to keep from being impelled through

the aquamarine, emerald and turquoise,

 into the indigo.




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