POEMS 2011-Will there be Light?

 Sighs overflow earth’s orbit.

 The world cries out in distress, disorder, warning;

 while each request is given a token answer

 plotted and photocopied ad infinitum.

 Scholarly lectures about her circumstance

 are published and forgotten,

 pooled and forgotten.

 Earth cannot write her own biography

 while  cynics are in control

 and those who care have no power.

The corporations promote youth fashion.

Complement fools with smoke screen mirrors.

Rot the summer spaces with pollution.

Hoard behind a cloud of business as usual,

as if this was the way of the world.

Would they even notice if the spring was silent?

Remember the ideal wrinkled and bearded farmer

chaser of rabbits, uncaring of fashion,

who spent his days in the garden

nurturing fruit and flower

and the first strawberries of spring.

He used to breathe the fragrance of green,

 listen to the chirping of birds and crickets.

Now bees have to be bought and their services

paid for.

Beneath the world mind there are

rules for underground magic .

Linked shadows hide behind the bogus brain

which rearranges evidence to suit itself,

composes many noise clouds,

makes many photocopies

of arguments and reasons

for why it is the way it is

and why it cannot be changed.

Meanwhile nature cries out for healing.

Sighs of her innocent ones overflow earth’s orbit

and love is silent, invisible, underground.

The world has grown too cynical for fairies.

Mysteries have become irrelevant

and economic logic cuts to ribbons the internal knowing.

Where is the proof they say.

 Beneath the oppressive noise,

 let love overflow the underground pool and

 do it’s magic underneath token reasons

for each prearranged photocopy .

Let it undermine the plotted evidence.

Let earth’s rebirth music be composed and

her biography be allowed to illustrate the spectrum

behind the linked orbits of the planets.

May every distress request  be answered.

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