POEMS: 2012 -The Way of Acceptance

The way of acceptance is the way of water

is the way of flowing things

all the the downward ways

the deep ways

the way water flows around rocks

and does not hold itself separate

or alter it’s destination.

The way deep water can find the right rhythm

whatever the situation calls for

running fast or slow,

allowing , waiting,

or wild and bubbling

surfacing the unexpected

from the depths

holding everything gently

relaxing, expanding into

taking the shape of the available space

dancing with the currents

while receiving like

the earth receives the rain

becoming one with

whatever it touches

 breathing it in

and breathing it out

no holding back

no effort

no struggle

always at rest

whatever the circumstance.

The way of acceptance is the way of water.

4 thoughts on “POEMS: 2012 -The Way of Acceptance

  1. Very beautiful and tranquil feel to this poem Kamala. Like one big out breath, one huge sigh of just being.
    Thank you for posting this poem.

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