Memo to Myself


There is nothing to hold onto in this world of form

The universe is a shape shifter and so are we

There really is no solidity

Galaxies upon Galaxies  die and are reborn

And in the center of an atom….nothing

Nothing but light the elusive one

Which can be wave or particle depending

On what message you are sending

Change the mind and the world of form conforms

Change the mind and change experience

It’s all shadow play on the cave wall

We make it up as we go along

A distraction from the fact that nothing’s there

Except the projections of imagination

A distraction from the emptiness from which we came

The beingness we are eternally

The only place we are complete

We came to bring the light of being to the earth

 Remember a time before our birth

Then there was no duality

We were all one in eternity

Now we need to be aware

Of the oneness that is always there

Underneath the seeming things of time

Harmony within will be the sign

That we are coming into a future age

Where light unobstructed by false heritage.

Shining through the shadow forms

Becomes our new identity

May it be so !

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